26 February 2012

Thanks For The Memory

The time before we know each other, I will let you know this.

From the twin eyes to the single heart, from the single heart to the twin hands to sent a message to YOU through the phone to said I MISS YOU & I need your heart to become twin also.

The things that I DISLIKE become LIKE

- YOU are the one indifferent person. (Actually make more curiosity to me to know YOU)
- Sometimes YOU being late to replying my messages & sometimes YOU are leading. (I'm busy lately, this for you too.)
- SMS mean to be Short Message Service. (Nothing,but complicated)
- Runs out of credit (Dunno why, dislike only)
- Ask the same question repeatedly. (Same on me)
- YOU got a busy day. ( Trying to understand,hope YOU're the same)

The things I LIKE no DISLIKE

- Always remind me "dah solat?". (Belum)
- YOU're beautiful person.
- Forgive.
- SMS also mean Supersonic Message Service.
- Another word dunno how to explain. It's from my heart@liver.

Hoping that...

- Give me a chance to your heart to loving me.
- YOU will be mine.(My hope only. Is there anything else to be mention here?)
- I'll be your guardian.
- YOU'll miss & loving me too.
- We live together. (Same as above)
- Teach me when I was wrong.
- Help me by give a spirit.

I'm learning now.

- Please don't blame me if I were at the wrong situation as last time, when I trying to make YOU as my special girlfriend. I know it's too early, & I also know that I was only a FRIEND when YOU said clearly that I'm just your FRIEND not more than that. I'm lonely & that lonely feeling push my heart to do like that. I'm sorry if it's hurt.
- Don't make hope.

Nevermind if my dream is always a dream because I know all the girls hate me.
I want YOU to know this: I always pray that we are keep in touch even as a FRIEND.
Sorry because I stole your picture. I can delete it if you want.
Please understand me, if YOU dislike me, say dislike. (Nevermind YOU already spoke).

Aku Manusia Biasa

Aku manusia biasa sebab aku boleh makan, minum, tidur, pergi jalan-jalan bersiar-siar, & apa sahaja perkara yang manusia lain boleh lakukan. Tapi ada gak benda yang aku takleh wat. Contohnya aku tak boleh bernafas sambil menjelir lidah keluar. (Haa korang wat ea?? hahaha...). Takdelah, aku gurau sebenarnya. Yang betulnya aku tak pandai nak wat skill-skill aksi-aksi pelik macam kat bawah ni.

Haha ni contoh je. Macam-macam karenah sebenarnya yang ada kat muka buku bumi ni. Aku cuma bercerita tentang bakat semulajadi je macam menyanyi, silap mata, silat, jadah ape tah lagi. Seronok sangat kalau dapat tahu apa bakat terpendam. Kalau zaman kanak-kanak dulu, bakat aku pandai mewarna je. Hehe. Ok an?? Minat melukis masa kecik-kecik, tapi sebab bosan melukis, terus lupa bakat melukis. =) Ape bakat yang korang ade ek?? Kongsilah banyak-banyak. Hehe... Sebenarnya manusia ini lah sebaik-baik kejadian seperti yang dirakamkan dalam Al-Quran.

"Sesungguhnya manusia adalah sebaik-baik kejadian".

(Surah At-Tinn : Ayat 4)

Senyum... =)