26 February 2012

Thanks For The Memory

The time before we know each other, I will let you know this.

From the twin eyes to the single heart, from the single heart to the twin hands to sent a message to YOU through the phone to said I MISS YOU & I need your heart to become twin also.

The things that I DISLIKE become LIKE

- YOU are the one indifferent person. (Actually make more curiosity to me to know YOU)
- Sometimes YOU being late to replying my messages & sometimes YOU are leading. (I'm busy lately, this for you too.)
- SMS mean to be Short Message Service. (Nothing,but complicated)
- Runs out of credit (Dunno why, dislike only)
- Ask the same question repeatedly. (Same on me)
- YOU got a busy day. ( Trying to understand,hope YOU're the same)

The things I LIKE no DISLIKE

- Always remind me "dah solat?". (Belum)
- YOU're beautiful person.
- Forgive.
- SMS also mean Supersonic Message Service.
- Another word dunno how to explain. It's from my heart@liver.

Hoping that...

- Give me a chance to your heart to loving me.
- YOU will be mine.(My hope only. Is there anything else to be mention here?)
- I'll be your guardian.
- YOU'll miss & loving me too.
- We live together. (Same as above)
- Teach me when I was wrong.
- Help me by give a spirit.

I'm learning now.

- Please don't blame me if I were at the wrong situation as last time, when I trying to make YOU as my special girlfriend. I know it's too early, & I also know that I was only a FRIEND when YOU said clearly that I'm just your FRIEND not more than that. I'm lonely & that lonely feeling push my heart to do like that. I'm sorry if it's hurt.
- Don't make hope.

Nevermind if my dream is always a dream because I know all the girls hate me.
I want YOU to know this: I always pray that we are keep in touch even as a FRIEND.
Sorry because I stole your picture. I can delete it if you want.
Please understand me, if YOU dislike me, say dislike. (Nevermind YOU already spoke).